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How To Make Levels For SWAT 4: 04 - The Editor Command Bar
« on: February 25, 2014, 09:54:21 PM »
Right at the bottom of the editor we come to the last interface item and that contains the command bar and as equally important the grid and snap tools.

The Command part of the bar is for the more experienced user who can run commands directly from this input panel. outside of the scope of this introduction to the interface. next to this is a log button to call up recent information on what you have been doing in the editor and what the editor has been doing in the background. Followed by the next few icons that concern themselves with how we will layout our geometry and how these tools can aid us.

The padlock icon helps us lock our selection which is important once we have something positioned right and do not wish to affect it.

The Vertex icon lets us toggle Vertex snap on and off. Very important for precise lining up of geometry.

The Grid icon lets us toggle grid snapping on and off, again important for brush/actor placement.

Then we can control the size of our grid from 1 to 4096 in incremental steps that allow us to snap to our brushes.

Finaly we have the rotation snap toggle on and off, which allows up to rotate precisely also.

This wraps up the interface and should shed a little light on what you are going to be doing. Although simply editing geometry and placing actors is a far way from completing a fully playable level to the quality of what is currently in the game.  It is however not far from seeing some results and therefore gaining encouragement to continue. A few carved out blocks a few lights and a player start point and you are moments away from running around in a space created by you.