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Site Issues

Posted by DarkSynopsis \ Posted in Site News    2 Comments

Some may notice you can't access the majority of the site, for whatever reason the file that handles the nicer URLs has vanished from the server! No clue why, web host has been contacted and hopefully the file can be restored, for now this main page works along with the forums and looks like the download section.

UPDATE: Site should be mostly working now, turns out web host didn't have a backup, I found an older version of the file on a failing HDD, only thing I think needs fixing manually is the Mlogs, will get to that soon and now I'll be sure to make backups more often.

UPDATE 2: Site should be back to normal.


Slippery_Jim 24 April 2017 at 20:16:05
Have you checked to see if there are any unknown files on your server (such as when a hacker might upload for a back door?).
DarkSynopsis 27 April 2017 at 16:21:41
There was indeed unknown files on the server, hit everyone of my sub-domains, not sure how they got uploaded, webhost mentioned it could have been to some WordPress setups not being up to date, seems odd it would hit all sub-domains.

Either way issue should be fixed, software has been updated and I've beefed up some security and will keep more regular backups of the site.


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