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Patch #8 and XBLA Release Date

Posted by DarkSynopsis \ Posted in Takedown News    1 Comment

Takedown: Red Sabre now has a Release Date on Xbox 360 and it's February 21st, 2014! now with that out of the way here is what Patch #8 brings.

New Map: The Hold

The hold is a large, interior storage area of a cargo ship. The map itself is extremely large, and features a combination of CQB areas such as stairwells, and long range combat across the vast hold areas. For Tango Hunt, Bomb Disarm, and Attack/Defend, the full map is utilized, and there are a variety of Firefight variants for TDM and LMS.

New Map: Radar Storm

Radar Storm changes the feel and dynamics of Radar Station from bright and clear to stormy and foggy. This changes the dynamic of the long range gameplay, making moving between lit areas of the map more of a strategic decision. This map supports Tango Hunt, Bomb Disarm, and all Versus game modes, and also includes the Radar Station Firefight variants.

New Radar Base Firefight Maps for TDM & LMS

  • Quad
  • Outside

New Weapon Set: AG Bullpup
  • AG-A3 Carbine in 5.56x45mm (Semi, Full)
  • AG-3P SMG in 9x19mm (Semi, Full)
  • AG-DMR Rifle in 5.56x45mm (Semi)
The AG weapon system is a bullpup configuration rifle, offering increased accuracy in a compact package, while having slightly increased felt recoil

New Features

Steam Connection Updates
  • Invite/Join Game via Steam Friends List Support Added
  • NAT Traversal through Steam Lobbies Improved
  • Hosting a game defaults to Public Game
Controller Updates
  • Support for AI Hold/Direction Commands
  • Added Improved Look Acceleration for smoother movement
  • Added Look Acceleration modification on Zoom
  • New Default Control Scheme based on Xbox testing

Added Co-Op Mission support to Dedicated Servers (Beta)
  • Mission will wait for players to join to begin
  • Map Rotation can be set in defaultgame.ini
  • Players joining after 1 minute will spectate (to prevent quit/join exploit)
  • Tango Hunt & Bomb Disarm not yet supported
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Crouch on Xbox 360 Controller
  • Multiple Localization fixes in Spanish, French, Italian
  • Fix to broken strings when customizing control scheme
  • Fix to Join Game Error
  • “Reset Controls to Default” fixed for Controller
  • Fixed bug in suppressed pistol ammo
  • Fix for civilian VO sometimes not being loaded properly in Cargo Ship
  • Fix for Cargo Ship sometimes incorrectly failing
  • Fix for HQ Night Team Spawn Issue in Att/Def Alley
  • Fix for last round in magazine sometimes not doing damage properly
  • Fix for player names disappearing in lobby in Spanish/Italian
  • Stopped the “F1” Playerlist from popping up behind AAR at end of match
  • Minor AI bugs fixed

1 Comment

CraftyReaper 06 February 2014 at 16:20:53
New map, new weapons and coop hosting. Whats not to like  :)


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