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CTU v1.0.23.1 Changelog

Posted by DarkSynopsis \ Posted in CTU News    0 Comments

  • New fire mode (full auto, burst and single) - Press 'V' by default to change mode.
  • New game options keybinding (fire mode)
  • New custom mission.
  • You can now delete/reset your profiles if you want to.
  • Civilians can now start surrendered on missions.
  • More than 30 new props for level editor.
  • Help interaction message on screen while on mission (only English for now)
  • Fixed dead officers count in online match.
  • Fixed team leader selection for online custom maps.
  • Fixed wrong items on hand when dead.
  • Fixed some props for city background in the level editor.
  • Fixed footstep sound sometimes locked when enemy dies.
  • Fixed roof toggle mode sometimes crashing when loading a custom map.


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