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This pistol has been a standard military and LEO sidearm for over a hundred years. It fires the heavy .45 ACP round, and is highly effective against unarmored targets.

1911 Elite:
The M1911 Elite is a powerful sidearm. The 10mm Auto round was adopted by US Federal agencies in the 1980's, seeking a more powerful round than the 9x19mm.

Designed in Italy, the M92 is used around the world by LEO and CT groups.  Firing the standard 9x19 round, it recently got an upgrade in higher-capacity factory magazines.

A variant of the M92, the M96 fires a heavier round, but with a large increase in felt recoil and limited magazine capacity.


The SA12 provides the firepower of a 12g in a compact, magazine fed weapon.  It is a modified variant of the basic AKM, and has more felt recoil than a traditional semi-auto shotgun.

Sub-Machine Guns

The M5 Submachine gun has been a staple in LEO and Counter-Terror operations for decades.  Extremely controllable in full-auto fire, the M5 is known for it's ergonomics.

An M5 with an integrally suppressed barrel, combined with subsonic ammunition.  The M5SD is considered one of the quietest SMG's in current service, although penetration suffers.

The PDW was an outgrowth of the M5 SMG, providing an extremely compact weapon for force protection or CQB operations.  The lighter bolt provides a higher rate of fire than the basic M5.

9x19MM - P-X AR variants are well-balanced AR platforms with pistol-caliber uppers.  These low-recoil carbines are effective against unarmored targets with little over-penetration.

.40 CAL - P-X AR variants are well-balanced AR platforms with pistol-caliber uppers.  These low-recoil carbines are effective against unarmored targets with little over-penetration.


The AKM is the modern descendant of the venerable AK-47 assault rifle.  It is very powerful at close range, but is notorious for a lack of accuracy compared to modern weapons.

The AKMS is the modern descendant of the venerable AK-47 assault rifle.  The metal frame stock makes it slightly more manuverable than the full-stocked AKM.

The SA-47T is a modernized version of the AKM, offering enhanced accuracy and handling.

The AK-74 fires a smaller, high-velocity round than the AKM that is based on, with less corresponding recoil.

M4 Carbine:
The M4A2 is the standard weapon of the US military, utilized by law enforcement and militaries around the world.

The M4-PDW is extremely compact, but the shortness of the barrel causes increased recoil and decreased accuracy.  Muzzle flash can also be an issue, which can obscure targets.

The CQBR fires a heavier round that was developed specifically to bring more firepower to the venerable AR platform.  It is currently in use by several SWAT teams in the U.S.

This version of the CQBR is built around the .300BLK subsonic round, which was designed to optimize lethality in a suppressed weapon platform.

The .458 SOCOM round was developed specifically to create a big-bore AR platform rifle. It has a limited magazine capacity, but is extremely lethal.


The highly-accurate LRC rifle is a modified AR-platform, chambered in the heavy and lethal 7.62x51mm round and is commonly used for sniping and long-range support fire.

The SASS is a heavy barrelled AR rifle designed for urban sniping at moderate ranges. Its lower recoil offers faster follow-up shots than a heavier sniper rifle. No Flashlight.


Full Metal Jacket rounds strike a balance between penetration and soft tissue damage.

Jacketed Hollow Points expand on impact, maximizing flesh damage, but are less effective against armored targets.

Armor Piercing rounds are designed to maximize penetration but do less flesh damage than other types.

Each shell contains up to a couple dozen large lead pellets, which cause multiple and complicated wounds.


A suppressor reduces the noise a gun makes.  It also makes the weapon longer, making manuevering in tight spaces more difficult.

Holo Sight:
A Holo Sight provides easier aiming than standard iron sights, as it does not require the operator to line up the front and rear sight.

Combat Optic:
The Combat optic provides low-level magnification for fast target aquisition for medium-range engagements.

The Scope is ideal for long range engagements, as it provides maximum magnification, but can make target aquisition difficult.

6X Night Vision:
The Night Vision optic provides increased visibility in low-light enviorments, but is large and bulky.


Light provides minimal protection with ease of movement and less sound generation.

Medium provides a mid range of protection with no limit on movement but with an increase in noise generation.

Heavy provides the most protection, but is bulky, prevents sprinting, and generates more noise when moving.


The breaching charge is placed on a door, blowing it off it's hinges.

Flashbangs are used to disorient and stun enemies, be careful as they can be lethal at extremely close range.

The standard fragmenation grenade is extremely lethal in a close quarters context.


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