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Single Player/Co-op (5 Players)

Co-Operative (Mission)

Versus (upto 16 Players)

Barricaded Suspects (TDM)
The goal is to kill or arrest as many members of the opposite team as possible. Kills are worth 1 point, arrests are worth 5 points.

The first team to reach the score limit wins. If the time limit is reached, the team with the most points at the end of the round wins.

VIP Escort
One player on the SWAT team is randomly chosen to be the VIP. SWAT must escort the VIP to the escape point on the other side of the map. The suspects must capture the VIP. They must then hold him hostage for 2 minutes. SWAT players can use the toolkit to release the VIP. After the two minutes are up, the suspects must assassinate the VIP to win the game.

SWAT wins if the VIP escapes, or if the suspects kill the VIP before capturing and holding him.

Rapid Deployment
Three to five bombs are randomly spawned in the map. SWAT must use the toolkit to defuse all of the bombs before the round ends. The Suspects must defend the bombs and prevent them from being disabled. Once all of the bombs are defused SWAT wins. If the round timer expires while a bomb is still active, the Suspects win.