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Springfield Armory 1911-A1

Chambered for JHP and FMJ.45 caliber ammunition, the 1911 is standard issue and the secondary weapon for every LAPD Swat officer.

Modifications include Match barrel, aluminium, beavertail grip safety, combat hammer, beveled magazine well, extended thumb safety, polished feed ram, throated barrel, high visibility sights and a surefire tactical light assembly.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 3.78 ibs.

Available in limited numbers, the HK Mark 23 is a commercial model of the U.S.  Government issue MK23, Mod 0 Offensive handgun. The law enforcement model of the MK23 comes with a 12 round mag.

A .45 caliber ACP pistol, the MK23 features a mechanical recoil reduction system, a reinforced polymer frame, a machine steel side and a throated barrel.

This MK23 is equipped with Gemtech's SOS Suppressor.

Fully Loaded, this configuration weighs 4.59 ibs.


A semi-automatic 12 gauge combat shotgun with a five round magazine capacity, the Super 90 accepts both 2.75* shot shells and 1 oz. breaching rounds.

At 6.70 pounds with a tritiun "glow in the dark" front sight, a four teen-inch chrome plated barrel, a high impact poltmer buttstock and a mounted Surefire Responder flashligh, the Benelli upper 90 is the ultimate combat shotgun.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 7.66 lbs.

Sub-Machine Guns

A select-fire submachine gun, the MP5A2 is chambered ofr pistol-size JHP and FMJ 9mm cartridges.

With a sustained rate of fire fo 800 rounds per minute, Trijieon tritium "glow in the dark" sights and a dedicated Surefire flashlight system, the MP5A2 is the ultimate in close quaters battle weapons. The MP5 weighs 5.0 pounds unloaded; 7.05 lbs, loaded.

The MP5SD2 is a fully realized sound and flash suppressed select fire submachine gun.

The MP5SD2 uses an integral aluminium sound suppressor and unlike many sound suppressed submachine guns does not require the use of subsonic ammunition for effective sound reduction. With fixed stock.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 8.29 lbs.

Considered the world's preeminent submachine gun, LAPD SWAT favors the high strength polymer A2 'fixed stock'. Equipped with Aimpoin's Comp M scope.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 7.43 lbs.

The MP5A3's retractable stock consists of a sinble metal strut which can be adjusted to fit any operator. Sliding the stock forward considerably reduces the overall length of the sub-machincegun making the MP5A3 a versatile and compact CQB entry weapon.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 7.80 lbs.

The high accuracy of this MP5A3 is a result of the fixed barrel being cold-forged together with the cartridge chamber and the addititon of Amipoint's Comp M scope, with it's quick and accurate parallax-free, high-intensity red dot aiming system.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 8.18 lbs.

This is the MP5SD2 of choice for specialized applications requiring rapid target acquisition and fully realized sound and flahs suppression.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 8.67 lbs.

The benefits of using a suppressed weapon must be weighed against the potential negatives, the largest being the decrease in bullet velocity. Loss of velocity results in loss of penetration and expansion. Tests have shown that decreases in bullet velocit can range from 200 to 400 feet per second, a velocity difference which can affect optimum performacne in the field.

With collapsible stock.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 9.09 lbs.

The MP5SD3's removable sound suppressor is integrated into the weapon's design. Unlike most conventional sound suppressed submachine guns, the MP5SD3 does not require use of subsonic ammunition for effective sound reduction. Equipped with Aimpoint's parallax-free Comp M scope.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 9.47 lbs.

The HK UMP (Universal Machine Pistol) is chambered for the .45 ACP round. Operating off a simple bolwback system, the UMP fires from the closed-bolt position and features a fixed barrel and fully ambidextrous operating controls. Standard issuse fixed iron sights.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 6.69 lbs.

Quick when acquiring multiple or moving targets, as well as while firing on the move this UMP's target acquisition is further enhanced with the addition of an Aimpoint Comp M scope.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 7.07 lbs.


Weighing just 5.65 pounds unloaded, the M4 is a light weight, shoulder fired .223 caliber carbine with less than lethal capabilities.

The standard sight configuration choice for LAPD Swat is the standard A2 back sights with tritium glow in the dark front sight.

At 7.75 inches in length and weighing a mere 24.7 ounces Gemtech抯 M4-96D suppressor provide sound reduction in excess of 32 dB without any degradation of the M4抯 accuracy.

The M4-96D is built to accommodate standard FMJ and JHP cartridges, sub-sonic ammunition is not required

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 10.71 ibs.

Outfitted with the C-MAG 100 round magazine, the M4's sustained firepower capability is unsurpassed.

The C-MAG's twin drum desings and high impact plastic main components results in equal weigh distribution and a fixed center of gravity during firing.

The combination of a surefire flashlight system, Gemtech's M4-96D suppressor and the high capacity C-MAG make this M4 the ultimate fighting weapon. Sub-sonic JHP and FMJ are not required.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 16.71 lbs.

Mounted on a standard M4 with backup iron sights, the 4-x ACOG uses dual-illumination technology to provide precision ssighting in all lighting conditions. Troijieon's ACOG - Advanced Combat Optional Gunsight - is the sighting device of choice for the Navy Seals, Rangers, and Green Berets.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 10.08

This .223 carbine has a Trijieon ACOG 4-x telescope sight mounted onto the upper reciver and is equipped with Gemtech M4-9gD suppressor.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 11.33 lbs.

Lightweight, gas operated and air cooled, this M4 is equipped with an ACOG 4x scope and a high capacity C-MAG.

This configuration provides the operator with extended target engagement and sustained firepower.

Fully loaded, this configurtaion weighs 16.08 lbs.

Gemtech's M4-96D suppressor is an effective tool for reducing both the sound and flash signature of the M4. Combined with the ACOG's longrange accuracy for quick shot placement on moving targets, and the 100 round capacity of the C-MAG, this M4 is ready for qperations that require stealth, accuracy, and sustained firepower.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 17.33 lbs.

This M4 carbine is outfitted with what is considered to be the quintessendtial CQB optic, the Trijieons Reflex scope. Housed in lightweight aluminum and weighing only 4.2 ounces aiming reticule designated for the "two eyes open" method of sighting, critical for focusing and acquiring moving targets.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 9.72 lbs.

This .223 carbine has the tactical advantage of Trijieon's Reflex scope and Gemtech's M4-96D suppressor. When the situation calls for stealth and quick target acquisition this M4 is the sensible and realiable choice of standard issue.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 10.97 lbs.

This is the M4 when the situation calls for sustained fire power and quick, instinctive accurate shooting.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 15.72 lbs.

This is the M4 of choice when faced with situations that call for sustained firepower, a diminished sound and flash signature and quick target acquisition.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 16.91 lbs.

US Armt configuration M4 equipped with Aimpoint's Comp Meleetronic reflex sight.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 9.84 lbs.

With parallax-free aiming and reduced muzzle blast this M4 offers high performance, military-proven technology and rugged durability.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 11.09 lbs

Rapid and accurate target acquisituon coupled with high capacity makes this M4 the carbine of choice when conditions don't permit a second chance.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 15.84

With a known life to exceed 15,000 rounds, Gemtech's M4-96D suppressor is a perfect compliment to the high capacity C-MAG. When sustained fire is expected and superior accuracy demanded, this is the M4 of choice.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 17.09 lbs.

Available only to U.S. law enforcement and military customers, the class lll G36K is a true modular weapon system in caliber 5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Remington).

Equipped with a dual sighted system consisting of a 3.5x optical sight topped with electronic red dot sight, the HK G36K is an entry weapon with real knock down power.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 8.26 lbs.

Constructed almost entirely of carbon fiber reinforced polymer material, and using a simple, self-regulating gas system, the G36K is a lightweight weapon that delivers high performance. With a 750 round per minute eyelie rate, and equipped with the optional 100-round dual drum magazine, the G36K definitely hits the mark.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 14.28 lbs.

The essence of a millitary rifle, the M1A features a solid walnut stock with a steel hinged butt plate. Chambered for 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester), the M1A is possibly the most highly regarded infantry solider;s rifle of the 20th Century.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 10.50 lbs

The M1A is a rotating bolt, gas operated, air cooledm semi-automatic, magazine fed battle-proven rifle. With Black fiberglass stock.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 10.50 lbs.

A faithful recreation of the legendary M-14 battle rifle, this M1A features an air gauged medium weight national mathc barrel, a non-hooded rear sight assembly and match flash suppressor. With Forest Camo wood stock.

Fully loaded, this configuration weighs 10.50 lbs.


Flashbang, also known as noise flash devices, produce a loud noise accompanied by a brilliant flash when discharged. Used to draw a suspect's attention away from an entry port or to disorient a suspect, the Flashbang is an essential in a tactical officer's arsenal.

The Flashbang is a class 'C' non-ejecting sub-munition, with a delay of 1.2 seconds from detonation and discharge.

Within a five-foot radius, the sound level at discharge is 175.6 bd's; the light level is 2,550,000 candela. The duration of the explosion is 10 milliseconds.

C2 is a composite explosive containing approximately 85% RDX and 15% non-explosive plasticizer.

C2 is effective in temperatures between -70 and +170 degrees Fahrenheit.

C2 has a rubber like elasticity and is probably the most important high-brisance explosive. It's brisant power is owed to its high density and high detonating velocity. C2 is very stable, soluble in water, sparingly soluble in alcohol, ether and benzene, and soluble in acetone.

CS, which stands for 0-chlorobenzalmalononitrile, is a white solid powder generally mixed with a dispersal agent, (such as methylene chloride), which carries the particles through the air.

Physical effects of CS Gas are felt almost immediately. Symptoms include severe burning and involuntary closing of the eyes, copious tearing, extreme burn in nose and throat, coughing, lowered heart rate, and raised blood pressure.  

The tactical grenade contains 25 grams of CS agent. The tactical compact size allows for easy carry and quick access, making it a potent weapon for any team member.


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