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SWAT 3 Close Quarters Battle

Series: SWAT
Released: November 23rd 1999 (PC-Windows)
Developer: Sierra Northwest
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment


Released in 1999 this first person tactical shooter took the recurring Police Quest Series of games to its seventh release. It also made the decision to drop the Police Quest moniker, as it moved into a true 3D environment and away from the overhead isometric views of the previous releases.

The developers enlisted the help of the actual LAPD SWAT division and it's founder Daryl Gates with the aim of bringing realism in tactics and weaponry to the gameplay, and an emphasis on real world principal such as the usage of a less than lethal arsenal and the ability to arrest and incapacitate.


SWAT 3 was initialy released as a single player experience where you coontrolled a team with 4 AI teammates to aid you in your missions. You were soon able to join online with real world partners when multiplayer options became available in later patch releases. This opened the game up to host of new modes including Co-op, Tango Hunt, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Last Man Standing.

It is widely accepted that it was the Co-operative modes (Mission / Tango Hunt) that reinforced teamwork and brought about the games major appeal and gave SWAT 3 it's longevity.

SWAT 3 is set in the year 2005 and is based around a fictional scenario taking place in the Los Angeles area. The outline of which is that a nuclear disarmament treaty is to be signed and will  be attended by the United States and foreign dignitaries from Russia and China, thus putting your squad on high alert. You have been tasked with keeping the peace and bringing order to choas

Current Status:

SWAT 3 can still be purchased via GOG.com, however when Actvision purchased Sierra the multiplayer severs were taken down. It is still possible to play SWAT 3 multiplayer by the use of VPN software such as Hamachi (LogMeIn) and Tunngle although fewer and fewer people now play.

SWAT 3 has also been outdated by it succesor SWAT 4 from Irrational Games.