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Sierra Studios (Sierra Northwest) who were purchased by Vivendi Universal and are now under the Activision/Blizzard label

Sierra had a project budget of $2.2 million and 18 months to complete SWAT 3 with a team of around 20 people, with additional staff recruited during production to replace lost team members.

Rod Fung - Producer
Tammy Dargan - Designer
Jim Napier - Lead Programmer
John D. Anderson - Programmer
Brian Johnston - Programmer
Michael Stahl - Programmer
Jim Edwards - Programmer
Paul Balon - Programmer
Gary Spinrad - Sound Designer
Cyrus Kanga - Art Director
Mark Sigel - Artist
Jeff Lane - Artist
John P. Anderson - Artist
William Todd Bryan - Artist
Mark Nicolino - Artist
Robert Munsil - Artist
Travis Brady - Artist
Max Braun - Artist
Michael Chaves - Artist
Jimmy Kowalski - Artist
Cade Myers - QA Lead

Development Hardware: Pentium III 500, 3D accelerator, 128MB RAM

Critical software:

Visual C++ 6.0
3D Studio Max 2.5
Character Studio
Photoshop 5.0
DirectX 6.1