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The Beretta Model 92FS is RAINBOW's 9mm pistol of choice. Its primary advantage is low recoil and a large magazine compared to the bulkier .45.

The specially designed sound and flash suppressor on this Beretta Model 92FS minimizes weight and length to maintain accuracy while boasting an impressive 32dB of sound reduction. It is the favorite pistol of for RAINBOW's recon specialists.

Heckler & Koch's .40 caliber USP is a favorite among those desiring a balance between size and firepower.

This Knight Armament Corp. silencer provides excellent sound suppression to the HK .40 USP.

The extreme ruggedness, reliability, and match-grade accuracy of Heckler & Koch's .45 Caliber Mark23 ACP has made it the handgun of choice for all U.S. Special Forces.

The specially designed sound and flash suppressor on this HK MK23 virtually eliminates muzzle flash and provides more than 35dB of sound reduction. An essential part of any RAINBOW mission requiring both firepower and discretion.

The IMI .50 Desert Eagle is a very powerful handgun. It is capable of punching through body armor, but has a limited seven round magazine.

The smaller cousin of the Desert Eagle .50, this the IMI Desert Eagle's .357 Magnum round packs a punch capable of punching through body armor at close range. It carries a limited eight-round magazine.


Whether used for door breaching or highly lethal close quarters combat, a good tactical shotgun is an essential part of all anti-terrorist teams. RAINBOW uses the Benelli M1 Tactical 12-Gauge, largely because its superb recoil characteristics enable a skilled operator to fire five rounds accurately in less than one second.

The SPAS-12 is a fully automatic combat shotgun capable of emptying its nine-round clip in 2.25s. This makes it ideal for quickly clearing a room of all hostiles.

Sub-Machine Guns

Heckler & Koch's 9mm MP5K-PDW is a compact version of the classic MP5. Its folding stock and light weight make it an ideal choice when a full rifle or submachine gun is unmanageable and a handgun is a poor compromise. It is equipped with the single and full auto trigger group.

The preferred submachine gun of counter-terrorist operatives around the world, Heckler & Koch's MP5 is known for its reliability and accuracy, even when firing on full automatic. RAINBOW uses the 9mm MP5A4 fitted with single, triple, and full-auto trigger group.

Terrorists throughout the world fear Heckler & Koch's MP5SD. Its integral silencer is so effective that the report of the bullet is miniscule compared to the click of the bolt operating. RAINBOW uses the 9mm MP5SD5 whenever both accuracy and stealth are essential.

The HK MP5/10A2 is a product-improved variant of the venerable HK MP5 chambered for a 10mm round. The increased stopping power of the heavier round is offset by increased recoil. It is equipped with a single and full auto trigger group.

An HK MP5/10A2 equipped with a sound suppressor gives a nice mix between power and silence. Because the suppression is not integral (like the MP5SD), the suppression is not quite as complete.

The HK UMP45 is the newest submachine gun from veteran gun manufacturer HK. The stopping power of its .45 caliber round comes at the price of an increased recoil and lower rate of fire.

An HK UMP45 equipped with a sound suppressor. Of course, the suppression is not as complete as the integral suppressor of the MP5SD. A good choice when a balance between power and silence is required.


A compact version of the M-16, the M4 Carbine is commonly used when the firepower of an assault rifle is needed, but the weight and size is not. It is commonly used by US and Israeli special forces. It comes standard with a single and full auto trigger group.

The G3A3 is Heckler & Koch's standard assault rifle. It fires the powerful 7.62mm NATO round. This is the most accurate rifle in RAINBOW's arsenal.

The Heckler & Koch G36K is their latest assault rifle entry. Its compact design makes it useful in close quarters, while its 5.56mm round will penetrate most body armor.

The Enfield L85A1 (also known as the Enfield Individual Weapon or SA80) is the standard infantry weapon of the British Army. Its bullpup design trades accuracy for maneuverability.

The standard weapon of the Austrian Army, the Steyr AUG is a futuristic looking assault rifle with a compact bullpup design. It is well suited for missions requiring the maneuverability of a submachine gun combined with the punch of an assault rifle.

When extra range or firepower is needed, RAINBOW turns to Colt's M16A2. Tried and true, it's 5.56 caliber easily pierces Level II body armor and has the longest range of any of RAINBOW's standard weapons. It comes standard with a single and three round trigger group.

The direct descendant of the classic M1 Garand, the M14 fires a 7.62 round with extreme accuracy. It has been is use by the US Army since 1957.


The Barrett 'Light Fifty' M82A1 was the first .50 caliber sniper rifle to achieve widespread use. Its massive length (1.55m) and weight (13.4 kg) make it the bulkiest and most powerful sniper rifle in RAINBOW's arsenal. Extreme care should be used in employing this weapon, as its high powered .50 Browning round can tear through multiple targets just as easily as it can through an engine block.

Arguably the most accurate off-the-shelf sniper rifle available. A favorite of police forces around the world, the PSG-1 comes standard with a 6x sight and fires the NATO 7.62 round.

The shortest sniper rifle used by the RAINBOW team, the Walther WA2000's bullpup design and light weight make it a favorite of snipers needing to move stealthily into difficult positions. Its powerful .300 Winchester round has more punch than the 7.62 NATO round.


Capable of stunning observers with a combination bright flash and loud report, flashbangs are commonly tossed into rooms to 'prepare' rooms prior to entry. The valauble seconds gained while potential hostiles recover from the stun effects can mean the difference between life and death to a tactical team. Also known as distraction devices or stun grenades.

The M61 fragmentation grenade is the standard issue offensive grenade used by infantry throughout the world. While its blast radius is small, an overhand throw is still necessary to safely clear the blast radius in the open.

Breaching charges are used to explosively remove doors for rapid entry. Flashbangs do not need to be used in conjunction with a breaching charge as they stun, wound, or even kill anyone nearby.

The Heartbeat Sensor is capable of tracking a human heartbeat even through thick layers of concrete.  It works by detecting the characteristic ultra-low-frequency electric field given off by a beating heart.  In passive mode it scans a small full circle around the user; when the trigger is pulled it scans a larger cone straight ahead.

These compact, lightweight binoculars are specially constructed to withstand the rigors of CT operations. A built in range finder and choice of 4x and 8x zoom factors make these the item of choice for RAINBOW recon missions.

This kit speeds the picking of locks. Its primary component is a highly sophisticated auto-pick capable of opening most mechanical locks in a few seconds. Electrical keycard or swipe locks are handled using a classified system containing presets for all major keycard variations.

This kit speeds up placing bugs, rewiring security cameras, and related electrical tasks. It contains a high precision multimeter, miniature power supplies, a breadboard, and digital analyzer. A full complement of jumpers, clips, and miscellaneous electrical parts rounds out the kit.

This kit speeds both the placing and disarming of explosives. It contains basic electrical diagnostic equipment along with the essential mechanical tools needed to perform the job. Extra primer, detcord, and a variety of adhesives complete the kit.

Extra magazines for your primary weapon.

Extra magazines for your secondary weapon.