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Rainbow Six

Series: Tom Clancy''s Rainbow Six Rogue Spear

Released: April 4th 2000 (PC - Windows)

Developer: Red Storm Entertainment
Publisher: Red Storm Entertainment

Urban Operations, released on April 4, 2000, was the first expansion for Rogue Spear. This added 5 new single player missions (Iron Comet, Virgin Moon, Aztec Palace, Infinite Seven and Jade Key) along with 5 classic missions from the original Rainbow Six (Sun Devil, Fire Walk, Yellow Knife, Deep Magic and Black Star) and 3 new weapons (M249 SAW, HK 21E3 & AW Covert). The expansion also included 17 multiplayer maps (Turkish Bazaar, Subway Station, Canals of Venice, Warehouse District, Hotel & Crashed Bus, Storage Depot, Old Train Tracks, Chemical Compound, Snow Base, Training Maze, Graveyard, Underwater Habitat, Hacienda, Hotzone, Estate, Skyscraper and Amazon).

It was also with this release that a mod system was added to Rogue Spear. This meant that you no longer needed to overwrite original files to add content. Instead you could drop your content into a new mods folder and activate it at runtime. Red Storm supported this system with the release of plugins for Photoshop and 3D Studio Max along with a new custom menu system.