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The Model 17 is an extremely reliable, lightweight weapon. Designed with a smooth double action and no exposed hammer it is ideal for close combat and concealed carry situations.


Taking advantage of a bullpup design and 10 round rotary drum, the Jackhammer can lay down a devastating field of fire. However, this weapon becomes somewhat unmanageable during sustained bursts on full automatic.

Sub-Machine Gun

The MP7 PDW is designed to be the approximate size of a large pistol, but has and extremely fast, full automatic fire rate. There is little doubt that it will soon be in service with police and secret service departments around the world.


With a folding stock and the lethal 5.56mm round, the Type 89F is more than capable of being used in CQB environments as well as the open battlefield.


Based on the proven M16 design and chambered for 7.62 NATO rounds, the SR-25 packs a devastating punch in a small package.

Machine Gun

Hailing from Singapore, the UM-100 machine gun holds the record for being the lightest 5.56 caliber machine gun in existence. Its unique “constant recoil” technology allows it to be fired one-handed or from the hip with minimal loss of accuracy. It uses a 100-round drum for ammunition, and can be fired with the butt detached.