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Rainbow Six

Series: Tom Clancy''s Rainbow Six

Released: August 21st 1998 (PC - Windows)

Developer: Red Storm Entertainment
Publisher: Red Storm Entertainment


Tom Clancy & Red Storm Entertainment worked together to produce the plot for the game, setting it losely around the book of the same name. The idea was to have an international unit of elite operative to fight the war on terror.


Taken from various NATO nations the Rainbox Six unit is formed in the year 1999 to address the increasing frequency of terrorist activities around the world.

Rainbow Six is a first person shooter focusing on stealth and squad movement to overcome the numerous enemies they face. A stand out feature at the time was the planning stage before the mission began. This gave players the chance to overview the mission and layout some tactical routes.

Rainbow Six recieved an Expansion Pack called Eagle Watch (Jan 31st 1999) which expanded the gameplay by adding 3 weapons, 4 operatives and 5 new missions, along with new multiplayer modes.

Current Status:

Rainbow Six has now been outdated within its own franchise several times.